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Why are gambling sites being blocked by gamstop?

It is a well known fact in the UK that gamstop is a NGO that have been working for the quite few years in the market and they have been known to have blocking those website which they have found guilty of charging the players of more fees than the other website and also the fees which are being charged by these blocked website are above the ok limit which has been set by the international committee of gambling and also betting and they have ordered gamstop to block any website and before that give them a warning about the misconduct that they are performing of the international laws and which can results in their website getting a permanent ban and also if a website is banned permanently than there is not many chance of that website to be unblocked ever again because they cannot be trusted once again to follow the rules are they had been warned before and it did not seem to work and they had to forcefully shut down to operation of these casinos in the market to safeguard the interest of the people who are still involved and they like to gamble almost everyday because they are very much skilled in this kind and they can easily make simple money from them just by making the right calls and at the right time. This means that they will be given different information from which they have to read it, and then they have to decide if they want to either want to do gambling whilst on gamstop, or they want to do gambling not including gamstop because gamstop can be very helpful for everyone as it will reduce a lot of stress in a person and it was also used to reduce the urge of gambling, to bet and also other kinds of things because the person has been addicted to gambling. Gamsto will protect players from getting addicted as they have different methods of doing so like they will put up a barrier on the players' phone or the device they are using to access that casino or the website on which they are gambling, and this is a necessary step that needs to be done because it can save the life of the person that is being saved or is being taken away from the grasp of gambling and betting.